About Dean Street

56dsprideDean Street has a long history of providing sexual health services. The world’s first VD clinic for men was based at 91 Dean Street, London in 1862. Over the years our GUM clinic has had several different names and has been based in different parts of London. Originally we were part of the Westminster Hospital and were known as Outpatient 6. It was at the Westminster Hospital that Professor Brian Gazzard diagnosed one of Europe’s first cases of AIDS in 1981.

In 1993, the Westminster Hospital moved to Fulham Road to become part of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Outpatient 6 relocated to Vincent Square and we changed our name to the Victoria Clinic. We’ve been known as ’56 Dean Street’ since we moved to Soho in March 2009.

In 2011 we set the World Record for most HIV tests performed in one location on World Aids Day at G-A-Y Bar in Soho, London.  In 2014 we opened Dean Street Express, the first clinic in the world to have an on-site Infinity machine, allowing this service to give results within 6 hours.

The Trust’s HIV and sexual health centres have an excellent national and international reputation. We’ve always tried to be at the forefront of developing high quality services. In 2003, we were the first NHS service to offer rapid 1 hour HIV POC testing. As a consequence, the clinic has won several national awards for its excellent, innovative and engaging work.

We aim to deliver a first class HIV and sexual health service for all our patients by utilising the latest technology in a modern environment (including Wi-Fi internet access), delivered by a warm and friendly team of staff.

It’s really important to us that our service is convenient which is why we offer 4 late evening clinics and are one of the few NHS GUM clinics in the UK to open on Saturday.

We look forward to welcoming you to our service.

—The 56 Dean Street Team