Buying PrEP online

It is legal to buy up to 3 months supply of ‘generic’ PrEP online for your own use and import them into the UK. Not all suppliers require a prescription. You may need to pay VAT and handling charges on top of the price of the drugs. It’s important to buy a pill that contains both tenofovir and emtricitabine.

The ‘I want PrEP now’ website is a great resource for people buying PrEP drugs online.

Between January 2016 and February 2017 we tested the drug levels of over 300 people buying PrEP drugs online. Nearly all the samples were taken from people who had bought PrEP from either ‘United Pharmacy’ or ‘All Day Chemist’. All samples tested during this time were shown to contain the correct medicines.


Thinking about starting PrEP?

If you’ve ordered meds online you don’t need an appointment. Just walk into Dean Street Express and show us the confirmation email or text from your supplier. It’s really important that you check kidney, Hepatitis B and HIV blood tests before starting. You need to make sure there’s nothing in your medical history that might be an issue. We can do this for you. We’ll also offer a full sexual health screen. Come and talk to us if you need advice. We can also help you choose which treatment plan to follow.

If you’re already buying PrEP online.

You can just walk into Dean Street Express for your 3 monthly monitoring. Just show the desk your confirmation email of text from your online supplier.

We’ll recommend a urine test to check your kidneys and a sexual health screen including a 4th generation HIV test. Once a year we’ll run a blood test to check your kidneys.