Services for HIV+ people

During the COVID-19 outbreak we are making some changes to our HIV service.
If you are stable on treatment we will give you six months of drugs without further blood tests.
Call our extended HIV telephone clinic to arrange this.
020 3315 9500

Monday: 8am-3.30pm
Tuesday: 8am-3.30pm
Wednesday: Midday-7.30pm
Thursday: 8am-3.30pm
Friday: 9am-4.30pm

If you have symptoms suggestive of a respiratory tract infection (cough, fever, shortness of breath), or think you may have come into contact with coronavirus, please stay at home and do not attend our service. Further advice on what to do next is available via NHS111 online here.

Contraception services

Contraception Services
Our routine contraception services are closed during the COVID-19 outbreak
Emergency contraception is available if you’ve had recent risk

Call us before you attend
Telephone – 020 3315 5656
Monday 8am-3.30pm
Tuesday 8am-3.30pm
Wednesday Midday-7.30pm
Thursday 8am-3.30pm
Friday 9am-4.30pm

Something else

Our services include screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, counselling, HIV post exposure prophylaxis (PEP), monitoring and support for people on PrEP. We also offer Hepatitis A&B and HPV vaccines to selected groups at higher risk.

We have a limited number of emergency appointments. We’ll be most likely to help, if you contact us when the clinic first opens.

People aged 19 years old and younger can walk in without an appointment.

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