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Training is not just about the aesthetic. Dean Street Fitness is designed to get you in great physical shape. It’ll also lift your mood, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, tension and stress. Give us 6 weeks and notice the difference.


Six week plan

If you’ve not exercised in a while it’s important to build up to the week 6 ‘Dean Street Fitness’ workouts.

  • First perfect your form and build stamina using the ‘stage 1’ version of each workout.
  • When you can complete a workout twice in a row it’s time to move up to the ‘stage 2’ version.

Always stretch after exercising. You can use the ‘Mobility and flexibility’ video to do this. It’s also a great idea for a rest day.

Come on team. Let’s smash it together.


Week 1

Monday – core | Thursday – power & strength (lower)

Week 2

Monday – core | Wednesday – total body workout | Friday – HIIT,  power & strength (upper)

Week 3

Monday – core, power & strength (upper) | Wednesday – total body workout | Friday – HIIT, power & strength (upper)

Week 4

Monday – core, HIIT | Tuesday – power & strength (lower) | Wednesday – power & strength (upper) | Thursday – Total body workout, HIIT | Sun – power & strength (lower & upper)

Week 5

Monday – full body sculpt, HIIT | Tuesday – power & strength (lower), total body workout | Wed – power & strength (upper), core | Thursday – HIIT, power & strength (lower) | Friday – total body workout, core | Saturday – full body sculpt, HIIT

Week 6

Monday – power & strength (lower & upper) | Tuesday – full body workout, core | Wednesday – total body sculpt, HIIT | Thursday – power & strength (lower & upper) | Friday – full body workout, core | Saturday – total body sculpt, HIIT | Sunday – mobility & flexibility


Whether you follow the 6 week plan or mix & match the workouts, get active with Dean Street Fitness and optimise your physical and mental health.

Mobility & flexibility

For your rest day or after an exercise session.


Strengthen your core and tighten your abdominals.

Stage 1


Stage 2


Burn calories and shed fat.

Stage 1


Stage 2

Lower body

Build power and strength in your legs.

Stage 1


Stage 2

Upper body

Build power and strength in your upper body.

Stage 1


Stage 2

Full body sculpt

Grab some weights or a couple of cans of beans.

Total body workout

Combine strength, conditioning, HIIT & mobility training.

Stage 1


Stage 2


Dean Street Fitness was developed by Taofique Folarin for 56 Dean Street. The UK recommendations are that people aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. (e.g. Thirty minutes on 5 days).

Moderate physical activity includes anything that increases your breathing and heart rate and makes you feel warm. Examples include brisk walking, jogging, weights or bands, swimming, intercourse and dancing.

Dean Street Fitness workouts can form part of any exercise schedule. The important thing is to get active.