Services for people living with HIV

We offer friendly and convenient outpatient care for HIV+ people in the heart of London’s West End. As we’re part of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, we can provide you with access to a world-class range of facilities and expertise. Our OptionE service is designed for people with busy lives offering appointments 4 evenings a week and Saturday.

Modern HIV treatments are really effective at keeping people well over the long term. People on treatment with an undetectable virus level cannot pass their virus to others.

If you feel ready to start, just tell us. We’re here to help.We’ll explain all your treatment options and then provide the monitoring and support you need to help get your virus down to ‘undetectable’.

People who are stable on antiretroviral therapy usually need 2 check ups each year.

  • A ‘six month check’ blood and urine test from which you receive results by text within 12 hours. You only need to come back if there’s a problem.
  • Once a year we’ll run an in depth ‘annual review’. You’ll return to discuss your results and pick up your drugs one week later. (The results of OptionE users are sent by email.

You can book your routine blood tests online or by phone

HIV Telephone Clinic

People living with HIV, who receive their care from 56 Dean Street, can get advice, results or repeat prescriptions by calling 020 3315 5656 at the following times:

  • Monday, 9–11am
  • Tuesday, 9–11am and 5–7pm
  • Wednesday, 2–4pm
  • Thursday, 9–11am
  • Friday, 9–11am

OptionE—results by email

Our OptionE email results service is designed to make things as easy possible. You can choose to register with this service if you are stable, on or off HIV treatment. To make things even more convenient, we offer additional reserved blood test appointments on Saturdays and weekday evenings for people registered with this service. To register ask for an ‘OptionE’ appointment when booking your next HIV monitoring blood tests.

Counselling (the Health Advisers)

If you find yourself worrying about any aspect of living with HIV, you can ask to see the Health Adviser. They may be able to see you when you are in the clinic, or you can make a separate appointment. The health advisers can help you deal with many issues, including:

  • Coping with HIV
  • Telling friends, partners or family about HIV
  • Difficulties with safe sex and relationships
  • Having a child
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Worries and concerns about the future
  • Assessment and referral for counselling/psychotherapy
  • HIV and the law

You can contact the Health Advisers on 020 3315 9555

Urgent medical advice

If you think you may need same day urgent HIV care, call the Rapid Review Clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on 07805 813 558. The service runs from 8:30am–2pm, Monday–Friday. You will be assessed and may be referred to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for emergency treatment if appropriate.

If you have an urgent HIV-related problem at night, weekends or on a bank holiday, go to A&E at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Road, SW10 9NH and tell the nurse that you are an HIV patient at 56 Dean Street. In an emergency dial 999.

Emergency repeat prescriptions

If you think you are going to run out of your HIV medicines before your next appointment, you can call the pharmacy directly on 020 3315 9538 or email the Dean Street pharmacy at (let us know your name, date of birth, hospital number and which drugs you require).

Pharmacy can usually arrange one month’s supply of medication for you. Pharmacy require at least one working day to prepare your prescription and this will be dispensed when you arrive to collect it.

If you would prefer to speak to a specialist nurse or doctor please call Telephone Clinic.

Our Pharmacy is open at these times:

  • Monday, 8am–7pm
  • Tuesday, 8am–7pm
  • Wednesday, 1pm–7pm
  • Thursday, 8am–7pm
  • Friday, 9am–4pm
  • Saturday, 11am-4pm

Dean Street Fitness

Regular exercise has been shown to be good for your physical, mental and sexual health. As little as 15 minutes per day can increase your life expectancy by 3 years.

Examples include brisk walking, jogging, intercourse, swimming, weights or bands and dancing.

Dean Street Fitness is a series of workouts that can stand alone or be added to an existing exercise routine.