Transfer your HIV Care to us

Call us if you want to transfer your HIV care. Ask for a ‘double Option E’ appointment. In this appointment one of our specialist nurses will explain how our service works, run some blood tests and book you to see a doctor.

Telephone – 02033155656 and ask for a ‘double Option E’ appointment.

Routine blood test

This nurse appointment for blood tests is suitable if you re due a ‘Six Month Check’ or need tests before a doctors appointment.

If you want to see the OptionE nurse for your ‘Annual Review’, please go back and choose that option from the menu above.

You can book in clinic, online or by phone.

Book online here or by telephone – 02033155656.



Emergency supply of HIV meds or questions about your drugs

Our pharmacy can arrange an emergency supply of your routine HIV meds. We’ll need at least 24hrs notice. They can also advise you about possible interactions with other drugs or supplements. You can also check for possible drug interactions here.

Email the pharmacy:

Telephone – 020 33159538

Routine doctor appointment

This appointment is suitable if have a health problem, want to discuss your treatment or the results of your ‘Annual Review’ tests. Please get your blood tests done one week before this visit. You can book your ‘Routine Blood test’ appointment on line’.

If you want to book a routine doctor’s appointment, please call 020 33155656.

Option E appointment

People stable on treatment can have their ‘Annual Review’ through our OptionE service. A specialist nurse will do your ‘Annual Review’ tests and email the results about 10 days later. If you are due your ‘Six month check’, please go back and book a ‘Routine blood test’ appointment

You can book an OptionE appointment in clinic, online or by phone.

Book online here or book by telephone – 020 33155656.

Urgent help and advice

These services are only available to HIV positive people registered with our HIV services. Please have your medical number ready when you call.


HIV telephone Clinic

Speak direct to one of our HIV team for urgent advice.


Monday, 9–11am

Tuesday, 9–11am and 5–7pm

Wednesday, 2–4pm

Thursday, 9–11am

Friday, 9–11am


HIV Pharmacist

Emergency supplies of your meds (We need 24hr notice)


Monday, 8am–7pm

Tuesday, 8am–7pm

Wednesday, 1pm–7pm

Thursday, 8am–7pm

Friday, 9am–4pm

Saturday, 11am-4pm


Rapid Review Clinic (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital)

If you think you may need same day urgent HIV care, call the Rapid Review Clinic at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital on 07805 813 558. The service runs from 8:30am–2pm, Monday–Friday. You will be assessed and may be referred to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for emergency treatment if appropriate.

If you have an urgent HIV-related problem at night, weekends or on a bank holiday, go to A&E at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Road, SW10 9NH and tell the nurse that you are an HIV patient at 56 Dean Street. In an emergency dial 999.

Get tested for HIV

If you want to be tested for HIV you can:

  • Walk in and pick up a home sampling kit from ground floor reception at 56 Dean Street.
  • Book a time slot at Dean Street Express.

If you may have been exposed to HIV in the last 72 hours and you think you need PEP. You can walk into 56 Dean Street without an appointment. Arrive as early in the day as possible. Go straight to Level 1 reception.

PEP is an anti-HIV medication that is prescribed to a HIV negative person, within 72 hours of potential exposure to HIV. Ideally it should be started within 24 hours. It needs to be taken for 28 days. A&E departments are able to start PEP when the clinic is closed.

PEP is recommended if there is a greater than 1 in 1000 chance of catching HIV. Check our PEP calculator to work out if you need it.



For more information about our HIV services click here.