You have no symptoms and just need a routine check up

Our services are reduced during the COVID-19 outbreak

If you have no symptoms and want a routine check up please order a home test kit from ‘Sexual Health London’

HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)services are still running at Dean Street Express.

PrEP Shop users can request a further 3 month PrEP supply without attending for tests.

You need treatment for gonorrhoea or chlamydia

If you have tested positive for either gonorrhoea or chlamydia you can walk into the first floor at 56 Dean Street and we’ll sort out treatment for you.

Call us if you have a fever or cough, DO NOT come to the clinic.

Please let any recent partners know before you come as they may need treatment too.

You’ll need to make an appointment at 56 Dean Street if you need treatment for other problems.

You have been told that you have been in contact with gonorrhoea or chlamydia

You can book a ‘Contact’ timeslot at 56 Dean Street if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have been in sexual contact with a partner who has tested positive for Chlamydia and/or Gonorrhoea only.
  • You may need antibiotic treatment.
  • You do not have any symptoms
  • You need to have a UK registered mobile phone to use this service.

Click here to book.


If you do not meet the criteria for online booking for example, you have symptoms, please call us to book a Symptomatic Appointment on 0203 315 5656 (during Call Centre hours) or walk-in to be offered the next available appointment.

You may have been exposed to HIV in the last 72hrs & think you need PEP

PEP is an anti-HIV medication that is prescribed to a HIV negative person, within 72 hours of potential exposure to HIV. Ideally it should be started within 24 hours. It needs to be taken for 28 days. A&E departments are able to start PEP when the clinic is closed.
PEP is recommended if there is a greater than 1 in 1000 chance of catching HIV. Check our PEP calculator to work out if you need it.
Call us before you attend.

Telephone – 020 3315 5656

Monday 8am-3.30pm
Tuesday 8am-3.30pm
Wednesday Midday-7.30pm
Thursday 8am-3.30pm
Friday 9am-4.30pm

Anything else

Book an appointment at 56 Dean Street if you have a sexual health problem or symptoms  

You can book in clinic or by phone.


Telephone – 020 3315 5656

Monday  8am-3.30pm

Tuesday 8am-3.30pm

Wednesday Midday-7.30pm

Thursday 8am-3.30pm

Friday 9am-4.30pm


Emergency Appointments

56 Dean Street has limited emergency appointments. If you hope to be seen, we recommend you contact us as soon as we open. A nurse will assess you and may ask you to return at another time.

Urgent problems include:

  • Blisters on your genitals
  • Discharge from a penis
  • A partner has told you that they have syphilis or LGV
  • You have flu-like symptoms 2-6 weeks after possible exposure to HIV


Psychosexual Counselling and Erectile Dysfunction Clinics

You need to be referred to 56 Dean Street by your GP for these services.


You don’t need an appointment for the following

PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis)

Walk into Dean Street Express if you are taking PrEP (an HIV prevention medicine). You do not need to book a time slot for your regular check ups even if you are buying PrEP elsewhere. We also sell PrEP through our PrEP Shop. You can walk into Dean Street Express to complete the tests and paperwork before using this service.


Chemsexdrugs advice & support

Walk into 3rd floor 56 Dean Street

Tuesday, 5-7pm

Thursday, 1-4pm

Saturday (1st and 3rd of each month), 1-3pm


Trans sexual health clinic (56T)

Walk into 2nd floor 56 Dean Street

Wednesday, 5-7pm