Our PrEP Clinic has been replaced by 'PrEP Shop'

The success of our PrEP Shop service means that we no longer run our Saturday private PrEP Clinic selling branded Truvada. The majority of people have chosen to switch to PrEP Shop.

If you have previously bought branded Truvada PrEP from us and wish to continue please email us at caw-tr.prepdeanstreet@nhs.net. Thirty tablets of branded Truvada cost £400. You can pay cash or card (VISA/Mastercard only).

If you have not used the service before, you still have the option to buy generic PrEP from our PrEP Shop service. Visit the ‘PrEP Shop’ page to find out how it works.



Got a question? Email us: caw-tr.prepdeanstreet@nhs.net. This email is checked weekly.