PrEP Impact Trial

The NHS is funding free PrEP through the PrEP Impact Study. Everyone on the trial will get NHS funded PrEP until at least October 2020. Only those at very high risk of catching HIV are eligible to join. The official study website contains information about the study, the patient information leaflet and details of who can join.

The Prepster website has this really useful summary of the key issues you need to consider and a summary of who can join. We recommend you take a look.

Dean Street has allocated all the spaces it currently has available on the trial. However, places may still be available at other GUM clinics in England. The main trial website lists all the clinics in the country that are currently open to recruitment.

Additional places may become available later in 2018. If you are a Dean Street patient and are eligible to join the study, you can register your interest by emailing your clinic and mobile telephone numbers to .


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