Chemsex tips

  • Get screened for STIs regularly including HIV and hepatitis C
  • Don’t let someone else inject you
  • Play with someone you trust if possible, as your judgment can be dramatically impaired on chems
  • Establish a set of boundaries while sober about what you are not prepared to do sexually and with chems, that you can refer to later when high
  • Don’t play for too long – paranoia and hallucinations can be common on your second day awake
  • Do not share needles, or other injecting equipment. Clean needles can be obtained from Dean Street at any of the walk-in times. If you aren’t aware of all safer injecting practices please speak to a drugs advisor in-clinic chemsex puts you at higher risk of infections. If you’re HIV negative, and concerned about any HIV risks during a chemsex episode, speak to us about PEP, a medicine which can help protect you from becoming infected if taken within 72 hours of the possible exposure
  • If you’re looking to spend your evenings/weekends/spare time differently, have a browse through our list of alternative sporting, social and recreational activities, specifically for gay men
  • Don’t play too regularly if you want to avoid depression, weight loss and psychological dependence. Pepper your sex life with some sober sex, some dating and plenty of non-sexual recreation and intimacy


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