HIV PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) is a treatment that provides protection from catching HIV. The medicine needs to be started before you have sex. It is more effective than condoms when taken correctly. However PrEP does not provide any protection against other sexually transmitted infections.

We’re here to help. If you’re taking PrEP, it’s really important to get the right advice, run some tests, check you don’t have Hepatitis B , make sure that any other drugs or supplements you take don’t interact with PrEP and that you don’t have any other health problems that might be an issue.

Watch the videos below before you make an appointment to start PrEP. We also recommend that you read this PrEP leaflet on the ‘i-Base’ website.



The IMPACT study is closed to new participants. Final closure visits run until 12th October. Please  make an appointment at Dean Street Express in Soho by calling 020 3315 5656 or book online by clicking HERE. At that visit we’ll switch you over to NHS funded PrEP


NHS funded PrEP

HIV PrEP is now available through the NHS. Call us on 020 3315 5656 to book an appointment at Dean Street Express.

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PrEP contains 2 medicines (tenofovir & emtricitabine). The drugs are really safe but there are some important things you need to know before you start the treatment.

Daily PrEP

One option is to take PrEP every day to give you continuous protection. It’s ideal for people who cannot predict their risk.

Event Based PrEP

Event based PrEP is a good choice for people who can predict when they are going to have sex. It is only suitable for those main risk of catching HIV is through condomless anal intercourse.

This option cannot be used by people who have active Hepatitis B infection.

Who is eligible

This table is from the national PrEP guidelines. It explains who can be prescribed NHS funded PrEP.